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The Philippine International Dive Expo (PHIDEX) is the country’s largest platform that has been catering to the diving community since 2019, mobilizing industry experts, stakeholders, and dive enthusiasts in one communal space to foster collaborations, innovative ideas, sustainable solutions, and economic opportunities. Organized by the Philippine Department of Tourism (PDOT), PHIDEX offers expansive networking prospects for decision-makers, communities, and individuals with a passion for all things diving.

February 23, 2024 (Friday)
11:00AM - 11:25AM Mares Horizon SCR "A unique tool for the passionate and committed diver"
Gordos Gojunco
11:25AM - 11:50AM Ocean Solutions for Communities, by Communities
Antoinette Taus
11:50AM - 12:15PM Dauin, Negros Oriental, Philippines, Amazing biodiversity, a PADI AWARE Project
Magnus Nielsen
04:00PM - 04:25PM Deep Diving around Malapascua - and why we choose to use rebreathers
Matt Reed
Evolution Dive Resort
04:25PM - 04:50PM A Diver's Journey from Zero to Hero
Ivan Guzman
Garmin Philippines
04:50PM - 05:15PM The Ocean and Finding the Path to Living My Best Life
Oshim Somers
05:15PM - 05:30PM Four Pillars of SDI
Phil Jennings
05:30PM - 05:55PM Underwater Performance (Facial expressions, poses, and uses underwater props)
Ko Song Mi
05:55PM - 06:40PM Panel Discussion 1: Freediving
Speakers: Ploy Scott, Rolly Ben, Valerie Bautistsa
Moderator: Will Devaughn
06:40PM - 07:00PM Raffle/ Happy Hour / End of Conference

Updated as of 22th February 2024

February 24, 2024 (Saturday)
11:00AM - 11:10AM Recap of Day 1 and Overview of Day 2
11:10AM - 11:35AM Freediving and Sustainable Marine Tourism
Robert Suntay
11:35AM - 12:00PM Saving The Ocean Through Art
AG Saño
12:00PM - 12:45PM BREAK
12:45PM - 01:10PM Freediving: Passion to Profession
Valerie Bautista
01:10PM - 01:35PM Diving the 7 Seas
Vannesa Vergara
01:35PM - 02:00PM The Most Common Diving Injuries
Romir Aglugub
02:00PM - 02:25PM Diving and Attractions of Palau
Andrew Lok
02:25PM - 02:50PM Videography 101
Boogs Rosales
02:50PM - 03:15PM Shark's Conservation
Margaux Le Brun
03:15PM - 03:40PM Into the Light : The Dance of Ambient and Artificial Light in Underwater Photography
Peter Marshall and Anita Verde
03:40PM - 04:05PM BELOW with National Geographic Photographers David Doubilet and Jen Hayes
David Doubilet
Jennifer Hayes
04:05PM - 04:30PM Ecology in the Mesophotic
Thomas Pavy
04:30PM - 04:55PM The Rescue Course Makes Better Divers
Richard Kirkman
04:55PM - 05:20PM Philippines Big Five
Scott Tuason
05:20PM - 05:45PM Philippine Launch of AOI UH-GPx Gopro Housing
Tofer Morales
Scuba Studio
05:45PM - 06:10PM Access Oceans
Bo Mancao
06:10PM -06:55PM Panel Discussion 2: Blue Ocean
Speakers: Oshim Somers, AG Saño, Angelique Songco, and Thomas Pavy
Moderator: Erika Kristensen
07:00PM Raffle/ Happy Hour / End of Conference
PHIDEX Networking Night

Meeting Rooms Programme
01:00PM - 05:00PM PHIDEX Dive TRAVEX B2B Meetings
10:00 AM - 10:15 AM Garmin Philippines Product Presentation
10:15 AM - 10:30 AM Aquaventure Whitetip Dive Supply Product Presentation
10:30 AM - 10:45 AM Pacifica Dive Cebu Product Presentation
10:45 AM - 11:00 AM Gull Product Presentation
11:00 AM - 11:15 AM Splashwater Imaging Product Presentation
11:15 AM - 11:30 AM Scuba Studio Product Presentation
11:30 AM - 11:45 AM Squires Sports Phililippines Product Presentation
12:00 PM - 01:00 PM LUNCH
01:00 PM - 01:30 PM Central Luzon Dive Product Presentation and Updates
Ms. Winabelle Magsino
Dive Focal Person, DOT Region 3

Mr. Juanito ""Yuan"" Soriano
OIC, Camayan Divers
01:30 PM - 02:00 PM DOT Regional Office IV-B MIMAROPA Presentation
Ms Krystal Villanada
PASu of Apo Reef
02:00 PM - 02:30 PM Scuba Diving in Batanes
Mr. Douglas Rutherford
Owner/Manager, Dive Batanes
02:30 PM - 03:00 PM The Road to Limitless Underwater Adventures in Region 10
Regional Director May Unchuan
The Road to Limitless Underwater Adventures in Region 10
03:00 PM - 04:00 PM Garmin Philippines Production Presentation
Ms. Mary Dorothy C. Jarantilla
Marketing Manager

Updated as of 22th February 2024

February 25, 2024 (Sunday)
11:00AM - 11:10AM Recap of Day 2 and Overview of Day 3
11:10AM - 11:35AM Freediving as a Sport and the State of Competitive Freediving in the Philippines
Rolly Ben
11:35AM - 12:00PM 2024 Update on SSI Products, Services and Procedures
George Wegmann
12:00PM - 12:40PM BREAK
12:40PM - 01:05PM Diver Education
James Omac
01:05PM - 01:30PM Discover Romblon's Breathtaking Underwater World
Jim Chen
01:30PM - 01:55PM Shark-Human Interactions
Margaux Le Brun
01:55PM - 02:20PM Davao Gulf Divers Marine Park
Inigo Taojo
Davao Gulf Divers
02:20PM - 02:45PM Applying the Benefits of Freediving Into Your Everyday Life
Ploy Scott
02:45PM - 03:10PM Zero Viz – Conquering the Horror
Alex Santos
03:10PM - 03:35PM Where the Fun Begins
Angelique Songco
03:35PM - 04:00PM Gombessa Expeditions: The Golden Horseshoe and Other Sea Mysteries
Laurent Ballesta
04:00PM - 04:25PM Underwater Wildlife Photography: Capturing Nature's Beauty and Documenting The Threats of our Oceans
Pietro Formis
04:25PM - 04:50PM Breathing Air Quality, Does It Matter?
Torben Bohn
Pacifica Dive
04:50PM - 05:15PM Unique Encounters in Bonfire & Blackwater Dives
Ram Yoro
05:15PM - 05:40PM My Journey as an “Awra” (Recreational) Freediver to a Freediving Athlete
Belle Brillantes
05:40PM - 06:05PM Unity is Strength, Teaming up as Underwater Photographers Couple
Pietro Formis
Ilaria Mariagiulia Rizzuto
06:05PM - 06:20PM Mabuhay Miles - Frequent Flyer Program
Nina De Torres
Philippine Airlines
06:20PM - 07:05PM Panel Discussion 3: Underwater Photography
Speakers: Ram Yoro, Scott Tuason, Pietro Formis, Peter Marshall and Anita Verde, Laurent Ballesta
Moderator: Bo Mancao
07:05PM - 08:00PM Raffle/ Happy Hour / End of Conference

Meeting Rooms Programme
01:00PM - 05:00PM PHIDEX Dive TRAVEX B2B Meetings
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Movie Screening Title: Limitness In The Aquasphere
(Movie is 60 mins)
11:00 AM - 11:30 AM DIVE BICOL: "Explore New Depths, Explore Endless Wonders"
Regional Director Herbie A. Aguas
11:30 AM - 12:00 PM DOT Regional Office VIII Presentation
12:00 PM - 01:00 PM LUNCH
01:00 PM - 01:40 PM Dive Raid Philippines Members' Meeting
James Omac
Regional Manager
01:40 PM - 02:10 PM DIVE7: Inclusive Collaboration for Sustainable Tourism
Director Judilyn Quiachon
Tourism Regulation, Coordination, and Resource Generation
02:40 PM - 03:20 PM SSI Product Presentation
George Wegmann
General Manager
12:00 PM - 01:00 PM LUNCH
03:20 PM - 04:00 PM SDI/TDI Members Update
Philip Jennings
Regional Manager - Philippines

Updated as of 22th February 2024

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