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Boogs Rosales

Boogs Rosales is a professional cinematographer and photographer based in the Philippines. As one of the most seasoned underwater cameramen in the industry, Boogs has filmed sequences from across the country for programs on international media outlets such as National Geographic Channel, Nat Geo Wild, and the Discovery Channel. He has also worked as a producer for several local TV documentaries, travel shows, as well as numerous marketing campaigns for the Tourism Department.

Boogs has experience diving and filming in diverse environments; from the tropical waters of Fiji and Indonesia, the Caribbean, to the Mexican subtropics in the Eastern Pacific, where he leads regular diving expeditions that provide opportunities to encounter and photograph some of the most unique marine animals.

His personal mission is to use his stories and images to spark conversations and inspire action to protect our oceans. In line with his advocacy, Boogs also works with various environmental organizations such as Conservation International, Greenpeace, and Save Philippine Seas.

Dive Conference Topic: The Art of Underwater Motion Capture

Schedule: August 21, Sunday (Day3) | 3:10 PM – 3:35 PM


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