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Ivan Guzman

Ivan started his journey to become a PADI Course Director when he was young. In fact, he’s currently the youngest Filipino Course Director in the Philippines. His philosophy towards training is for his students to become better than he was at that level, all while having fun. He is especially fond of teaching diving fundamentals and dive leadership.

His adventures have brought him to many interesting places all over the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. At one point, he trained divers around World War II shipwrecks in Coron, Palawan. During his Dive Master training, he also assisted in retrieving and cataloguing artefacts from an archaeology dive site of a 17th century Spanish galleon.

He is a brand ambassador for Aquamundo, Garmin, and Ask him for a discount code. Fan fact about Ivan: he is able to play the guitar, violin, drums, ukulele, and harmonica. (He can’t play them well, but that doesn’t stop him.)

Dive Conference Topic: A diver’s journey from Zero to Hero


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