Aaron Wong

Aaron Wong (Singapore)

Aaron Wong is one of the most published and recognised underwater photographer in Asia. With almost two decades of field…read more

Ahmed Gabr

Ahmed Gabr (Egypt)

Ahmed Gabr’s record scuba dive 332.35 metres into the Red Sea is the deepest ever. Making a stand for our…read more

Alex Santos

Alex Santos (Philippines)

Alex is a commercial and technical diver. Together with PHILTECH team, he works in harsh and peculiar environments which allow…read more

PHIDEX Speaker Bo Mancao

Bo Mancao (Philippines)

Bo’s award winning underwater photography and articles have been published in Philippine newspapers, books on marine conservation and International Magazines…read more

Conny Jeppson

Conny Jeppson (Sweden)

Conny Jeppson is the regional manager for PADI in the Philippines. He has been living in Asia for the last…read more

PHIDEX Dave Allen

Dave Allen (USA)

Dave Allen is the creator and administrator of the largest Philippines scuba social community in existence, the Philippine Paradise Divers…read more

PHIDEX Speaker David Strike

David Strike (Australia)

With a multi-faceted background encompassing military, commercial, recreational and technical diving, David is one of the first Field Editors of…read more


Faisal Jawad Hashim (Kuwait)

A diver with disability (paraplegia), Faisal overcame depression following his disability from a horrible car accident to start Alfaisal Universal…read more

Gordos Gojunco

Gordos Gojunco (Philippines)

Diving since 2003 with around +8000 dives, Gordos Gojunco is an SSI Instructor Trainer, Freediver, Swim Teacher, Instructor Trainer, Technical…read more

PHIDEX Hidy Yu Headshot b

Hidy Yu (Hong Kong)

Hidy started her modelling career when she was just 18, quickly moving on to acting where she starred in eight…read more

Phidex James Omac

James Omac (Philippines)

James brings to RAID more than 18 years of experience in recreational and technical scuba diving. His reputation as an…read more

Juan Naval

Juan Naval (Philippines)

Juan became the first UTD trained diver in the Philippines having taken Essentials of Technical under Singapore-based UTD Instructor Chew…read more

PHIDEX Speaker Ludwig Federigan

Ludwig O. Federigan (Philippines)

Engr. Federigan is the Executive Director of the Young Environmental Forum. The Young Environmental Forum is a non-profit, non-government movement…read more

Lynn Funkhouser

Lynn Funkhouser (USA)

Lynn, inducted into the inaugural Women Divers Hall of Fame, is an internationally published photographer, author, lecturer, environmentalist, adventuress, and…read more

PHIDEX Mike Batrick

Mike Bartick (USA)

Mike is a Marine Wildlife Photographer residing in Anilao, Philippines. He has an insatiable love for finding unique marine life,…read more

Noel Guevara

Noel Guevara (Philippines)

Noel Guevara is an adventure, conservation, and wildlife photographer/director based in Manila, Philippines. His experience in producing content and creating…read more

PHIDEX International Speaker_Odessa Headshot

Odessa Bugarin (Philippines)

A professional Mermaid, Scuba and Freediving Instructor, Odessa holds four national records in competitive freediving. As a mermaid with a…read more

Pralad Kakkar

Prahlad Kakar (India)

Founder of India’s first Scuba Diving school – the Lacadives Diving School in the Lakshadweep islands, Prahlad Kakar an advertising…read more

Ram Yoro

Ram Yoro (Philippines)

Ram is a full-time underwater photographer/writer based in Anilao. He is a proponent of Bonfire Diving, a tool for documenting…read more

Roni Ben

Roni Ben-Aharon (Philippines)

Escaping the corporate world to chase sand grains around the world, Roni has guided divers, and held marketing and management…read more

Sarah Lahbati

Sarah Lahbati

Sarah Alzol Lahbati is a Filipino-Moroccan actress and reality show contestant who gained media attention as a finalist on the…read more

PHIDEX Shannon Fuller

Shannon Fuller (USA)

As the Assistant Director of Conservation Travel at Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, Illinois, Shannon oversees the mission-driven Shedd Adventures Travel…read more

PHIDEX Speaker Songda “Wowie” Cai

Songda “Wowie” Cai (China)

Wowie is an underwater photographer that has a unique perspective and agile enthusiasm. Ever since he was young, he’d had…read more

Stan Gonia

Stan Gonia (Germany)

Stan Gonia is a diver and an environmentalist who raises awareness through his creative and colourful art illustrations that highlights…read more

PHIDEX Speaker Stéphane Dugast

Stéphane Dugast (France)

Stéphane is a Reporter, Speaker, Author, and Secretary General of the Society of French Explorers. Stephane has been making voyages…read more

Valentine Thomas

Valentine Thomas (Canada)

Valentine Thomas was a certified lawyer in Canada and worked in finance in London for 6 years. She quit her…read more

Yolanda Yao

Yolanda Yao (China)

Yolanda Yao is an SSI Mermaid Instructor with a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising from Communication University of China and a…read more