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Ram Yoro

Ram is a multi-published and award-winning underwater photographer based in the Philippines.  He is regarded a pioneer of Bonfire Diving and is featured in “Black is the New Blue Vol2” for his works in documenting plankton. Aside from various print and online publications, his other works can be seen in the heritage book project “Philippine Coral Reefs”, as well as the “Guide to Anilao” and the wreck book “Legends Beneath the Waves: Philippines” which he both co-authored. As resident photographer with the Filipino Cave Divers and the Philtech Dive Team, he also explores, documents, and promotes underwater cave systems, wrecks, and green reefs in the region.  When not in the field, Ram keeps busy in the industry through photo workshops, photo competition judging stints, and speaking engagements in local and international dive shows.

Dive Conference Topic: Capturing Plankton Behavior

Schedule: August 21, Sunday (Day 3) | 12:05 PM – 12:30 PM


Underwater Photography

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