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Matt Reed

Matt is an experienced technical diver and instructor trainer having studied with some of the world’s best, and has worked as a full time instructor since 1999 and a technical instructor since 2002 in some enviable locations including The Red Sea, Belize, Dominican Republic, Palau, Truk Lagoon, and of course the UK. Now based in the Philippines since 2003 Matt has made the country his full time home and enjoys living the island life on Malapascua with his wife Anna, and his 2 kids, as well as a lot of animals! Matt teaches all courses through Advanced Trimix including the TDI Helitrox class and rebreather classes on both the SF2 ECCR and Pelagian DCCCR. Matt also offers Instructor level courses all the way up to Advanced Trimix and Advanced Wreck. His courses are all built upon his wealth of real tech diving experience from around the world. Although if you’re just getting started then Matt will also be happy to chat with you about the intricacies of any level of diving. Specialising in trimix and overhead environment training Matt’s current diving sees him exploring virgin wrecks in the Malapascua area such as the Mogami Maru an unexplored Japanese ship from WW2, which is home to a number of treasures. Matt is also the only person to have taken part in all 19 dives to the nearby Pioneer Cebu wreck at 110m, which has an amazing Mercedes Benz car on the seabed!

Dive Conference Topic: Deep diving around Malapascua – and why we choose to use rebreathers


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