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Oshim Somers

Oshim Somers has been a scuba diver since 1981 and has a passion for the ocean. He is a photographer and more recently an award winning film maker and an advocate for us all finding inner peace and healing through the wonders of underwater world, by using “Mindfulness” and “Being in the Now” to “Live Your Best Life”.

Having found peace and solace from the ocean, the underwater world of the Philippines and the support and assistance of the amazing people of the Philippines, Oshim was able to again go back to listening to his “Inner Voice”, live a “Mindful Life”, and ultimately living his “His Best Life”. This journey has been inspiring people to reflect and live their and to live their best lives.

“Limitlessness in the Aquasphere” is Oshim’s video diary, originally made to show his family, to share his “Voyage of Self Discovery”, to show them that he had embraced his incurable disease living live his best life. It has since become an awarding documentary that has touched and inspired many who have seen it.

The movie won the “Best Oceanian Film”, in the August 2023 round of the Cannes World Movie Festival, was nominated for “Best Inspirational Movie”, “Best First Time Filmmaker”, “Best Film on Disability” and a Finalist for “Best Soundtrack”. It also won “Best Experimental Movie” in the Touchstone Independent Film Festival.

Dive Conference Topic: The Ocean and Finding the Path to Living My Best Life


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