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Alex Santos

Alex is a commercial diver who specializes in the repair and maintenance of power plants and water utility providers. The complexity of solving engineering problems underwater and in confined spaces keeps him actively challenged. Due to the tough conditions he and his PHILTECH team are exposed to, he has developed in-water oxygen recompression techniques for them to be safe from DCS.

Alex is also a public safety diver and technical diving IT. He loves teaching wreck and cave diving. Underwater cave exploration however remains his true passion. He is a member of the Filipino Cave Divers, an active group of select individuals who apply their diverse expertise in the study, exploration, and preservation of underwater caves.

For many years, Alex has been involved in deep recovery work, both for valuable objects, as well as victims of drowning. His experience in victim recovery has been called upon many times during disasters at sea, and he has trained recovery teams both locally and from overseas. His presentation on the tribulations of body recovery inside shipwrecks has been well attended in prominent international technical diving conferences.

Dive Conference Topic: Paglugaban Cave’s Splendor and Guile

Schedule: August 21, Sunday (Day 3) | 12:40 PM – 1:05 PM


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