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Magnus Nielsen

Meet Magnus Nielsen, a dynamic force in the world of diving with a remarkable journey from a young entrepreneur to PADI Staff Instructor. Originally from Denmark, Magnus began his career as a young entrepreneur in the Philippines back in 2012, and swiftly emerged as a passionate advocate for environmental conservation and photography. His dedication to sustainable practices and love for the planet, led his place to become one of the first eleven PADI Eco centers in the world. From the earæy days in 2007 when he first arrived, he directly fell in love with the Filipino people and the vibrant marine life.

As a PADI Staff Instructor, Magnus not only imparts his expertise in diving but also instills a deep respect for the underwater world. Join him at the Dive Expo as he shares his unique journey, blending entrepreneurship with environmental advocacy, and inspires a commitment to preserving the oceans for generations to come. 🌏🤿 #DiveWithPurpose

Dive Conference Topic: Dauin, Negros Oriental, Philippines, Amazing biodiversity, a PADI AWARE Project.


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February 23-25, 2024 | 11AM-8PM
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