Bo Mancao

PADI Ambassadiver, PCSSD Commissioner, Conservation Advocate

Combining the deepest appreciation for scuba, imagery, and sustainable tourism, Bo is iconic in the South East Asian dive industry. By taking a glimpse at his work, experience, genuine hospitality, and island charm, it’s clear he is one of the one top level dive and travel influencers.
Bo is a multi award winning underwater photographer and a marine cinematographer. He has represented the Philippines in numerous international shoot outs and his image are constantly used to promote diving by the Department of Tourism. His images has appeared in countless magazines and books on the ocean. He has filmed for award winning documentaries concerning our oceans, international lifestyle programs and short films focusing on conservation.
He serves as Commissioner for the Philippine Commission on Sports Scuba diving. Bo is also an advocate for conservation. He sits on board of Project Sharklink a community based non profit focusing on connection between the tresher Sharks and locals of Malapascua Island.
He has over 10,000 hours of underwater time and is in the field of 9 months in a year. Bo is also the only Fujifilm Digital Influencer specializing in marine imagery. Bo is PADI Ambassadiver to the Philippines and brand ambassador for big names like Crest Scuba and Aquinus Dive watches.