Tara Alessandra Abrina, MDE

Founder Kapit Sisid

Tara Abrina is a marine economist and community scientist at the University of the Philippines. Her publications so far have focused on marine policy research, coral reef benefits, and fisheries value chains. A member of the Advocates for Science and Technology for the People or AGHAM Diliman, she has volunteered for several community science projects such as the Philippine Coral Bleaching Watch and Reef Check Philippines; she is a co-inventor of a patented coral reef monitoring device for freediving scientists. Aside from research, Tara is also a former competitive freediver who broke two Philippine women’s records for freediving in 2015. A year later, she founded Kapit Sisid, a network of freediving and marine conservation professionals from all over the country. Now a certified freediving instructor, she exclusively offers her classes to the scientific diving and marine conservation communities in the Philippines.