Beth Watson

Underwater Photographer Beth Watson Images

“Photography is a niche that allows me to express my creativity which fuels the artistic portion of my soul.” ~ Beth Watson

Photography and scuba diving are Beth’s passions. She adores the ocean and everything it has to offer. She strives to capture images that are unique, creative, and thought-provoking by illustrating the beauty and wonders of the sea. Ultimately, she hopes to raise awareness and inspire individuals to conserve and preserve our ocean environment.

Being fascinated by it all she enjoys the challenges of photographing wide-angle reefs and wrecks but also has the deepest admiration for the tiniest animals in the sea. Being a bit of a perfectionist, she is continually learning and experimenting with lighting, techniques, and equipment.

Beth’s motivation comes from those around her, their support and encouragement are an inspiration and a driving factor. Beth is an international multi-award-winning photographer, judge for international photo competitions, and guest speaker. Her images have been published in books, magazines, newspapers, brochures, websites and have been selected for juried art exhibitions.