Andrew Marriott

Underwater Photographer and Founder Fata Morgana Media

Andrew is a long time diver, photographer and writer. Originally from the USA, he has since lived across the Pacific, Asia, and Europe. While living on the island of Guam he devoted himself full time to the ocean, helping many new divers fall in love with the water while working as an instructor and enthusiastic underwater photographer. After much encouragement from his friends and students, he devoted himself full time to taking and sharing his images and writing about diving.

It took time and patience, but within a few years his photos and writing were appearing in dive and travel magazines around the world. To date he has written around 100 articles, four books, and had his photos and videos used in various media outlets on a regular basis. Along with the publishing work came invitations to speak at major dive shows across Asia, Europe, and North America. To this day Andrew is a regular speaker at major dive events; having spoken at many shows from Beijing to Singapore to the United States, and pretty much everywhere in between.

The next logical step for him was to start a media production and publishing company that focused on diving and adventure travel. Fata Morgana Media was born in 2016 and it currently has six titles in publication and thirteen more in production. The writers and photographers for these books are from around the world and feature the most recognizable names in the business. Currently he lives in Germany with his awesome wife Dalice and two daughters Elly and EJ “Doomy”.