Alex Santos

Owner and Managing Director Philippine Technical Divers

At age 9, Alex got his first few lessons using SCUBA in his uncle’s swimming pool. During his teens he played hooky to dive in nearby reefs without agency training. Years later he was compelled to get certified so he could join his girlfriend who was a certified diver. Henceforth armed with a license, he finally could travel and legitimately extend his fins. His appetite for discovering the marine world inevitably led him to technical diving which was his ticket to encounter life beyond conventional depths. He introduced tech diving to the Philippines in 1993, the same year he founded Philippine Technical Divers. In 1995, he became the Philippine licensee for IANTD, spreading technical diving to the rest of Asia from where many students came to be trained.
These days Alex is primarily involved in commercial diving. He and his PHILTECH team are known to perform the most peculiar underwater jobs and in harsh conditions. Being at the cutting edge of diving allows him to observe early manifestations of DCS due to their unconventional diving activities and behavior. To keep his team DCS free, Alex has studied and developed procedures for in-water recompression using oxygen. His recompression techniques have been successful in reversing early symptoms of DCS. It has also been used successfully in delayed treatment of DCS. He is also certified in hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
Cave exploration however is his true passion. Alex is a member of the Filipino Cave Divers, an active group of select individuals who apply their various expertise in the study, exploration, and preservation of underwater caves. With a background in Geology, he is better able study, understand, and appreciate the formation and properties of underwater caves.
For many years, Alex has been involved in deep recovery work, both for valuable objects, as well as victims of drowning. His experience in body recovery inside sunken ships has been called upon many times during disasters at sea. Besides his PHILTECH team, he has trained recovery teams both locally and from abroad., Alex still loves teaching wreck and cave diving. Due to his work in predominantly overhead environments, he shares every bit of knowledge and experience he has gained with his students.