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Juan Naval

Juan is a professional technical diver and managing partner of Applied Technical Diving and Marine Solutions, a scalable company that specializes in providing professional technical diving services around the country. He is also a technical and overheads instructor trainer for InnerSpace Explorers, a European diving agency made by explorers for explorers, and part of its Board of Directors. He has been actively exploring caves since 2012, both locally and internationally and has been involved in various conservation, training, and management efforts to promote sustainable use of aquatic environments. Currently involved in developing the Department of Environment and Natural Resources’ own team of cave divers, Juan is passionate about building not only the right skills and knowledge required for this highly specialized diving activity, but also the right mind-set to encourage the safe exploration and appreciation of what our underwater caves have to offer.

Juan is an active member of Filipino Cave Divers, whose vision is to share the passion for exploration, pursuit for scholarly work, and community development.

Dive Conference Topic: Stop Unless (Properly) Cave Trained

Schedule: August 20, Saturday (Day 2) | 11:05 AM – 11:30 AM


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