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Jean-Claude Monachon

Jean-Claude Monachon (JC) – no matter how much experience you have, since 1986 as a dive professional does not count if you are not ready to invest every day an hour to learn new skills. JC implement new digital skills over the past 2 Covid years helping dive centers and dive entrepreneurs to run their business and overcome the crisis by leveraging social media marketing.

Since 2014 SSI VP International Business Development (after 20 years as a CEO of PADI Europe)

History of JC:

1974 marked the first dive of JC in a cold and dark Swiss lake, he was 14. It took him another 12 years to turn into a dive professional.

In 1986, JC decided to leave the corporate 9-5 and Swiss comfort to follow the dream of working as a diving professional in the Maldives. This passion changed the curse of his life forever (like for many people that JC transformed the life in his career).

After climbing the stairs of a prominent diving organization and being a CEO for over 20 years, he continued to dedicate his passion to help SSI – Scuba Schools International to change the approach, and moved completely to a digital version of the programs, which certainly helped to change the approach of the diving education.

Monachon’s function as an International Business Development specialist gave this unstoppable traveler the opportunity to speak 5 languages and identify the needs in various market places. A typical example would be the launching of a Mermaid Program that nobody would have seen as a boost for the industry.

Scuba Diving education is one aspect of his career and his favorite claim is that better to take imperfect action than inaction.

Monachon’s aim is to stay as close as possible to local communities and market places, find ways to improve their marketing while using social media marketing organically, in which he has specialized over the past three years helping to develop specific webinars. He personally conducted over 423 webinars in 5 languages in the past 24 months.

Diving is covering all great market demands – relationship, health and wealth. It’s not a trend activity and that’s why the future can be seen with an optimistic view.

Dive Conference Topic: How to Turn Your Social Media Profile to Uncover the Hidden Gems of Your Business/Career

Schedule: August 20, Saturday (Day 2) | 1:05 PM – 1:30 PM


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