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Gerald Nowak

Gerald Nowak has been diving since 1981 and turned his hobby into a profession in 1994. For many years he has worked continuously for the German and international diving press and is a regular photographer for well-known diving magazines such as PADI Magazine, Underwater Jounal, Asian Diver, TAUCHEN, etc. As a photographer he has won several awards in national and international photo competitions.

Gerald is a diving instructor with the diving association CMAS Germany and SSI, photo instructor, trimix and rebreather diver, as well as a passionate ice, wreck and cave diver. Whether tropical, temperate or cool waters, anything that promises exciting reports or great pictures has caught his interest. Since he visited the Philippines for the first time a few years ago together with his wife Sibylle Gerlinger (journalist), he fell in love with this country, the people and the underwater world there.

Meanwhile they both work for the Austrian diving travel specialist and travel the whole world. Nevertheless, they are always drawn back to the Philippines and its incredibly diverse underwater world. To the BabyBoom on Negros he is again and again, because these tiny young animals fascinate him particularly.

Dive Conference Topic: Baby Boom at the Philippines – Where are the Critters Born?

Schedule: August 21, Sunday (Day 3) | 1:40 PM – 2:05 PM


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