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Frederic Tardieu

Frédéric Tardieu, French passionate spearfisher discovered Palawan in 1992.

Now retired, he lives since 2011 on the tiny island of Pangatalan and he devotes all his time to restore and protect Shark Fin Bay in Taytay.

Frédéric has created a method for coral restoration recognized by Unesco to reconstitute the coral reefs exploded by dynamite fishing. With his program “Sea Academy”, he creates community-based marine protected areas with innovative monitoring technologies (acoustic listening, environmental DNA), together with a restoration program based on fish post larvae raising to be released in the new MPAs. Its goal is to become the first bay in the world with 10 MPAs connected before 2025.

Dive Conference Topic: Sea Academy

Schedule: August 20, Saturday (Day 2) | 12:05 PM – 12:30 PM


Marine Conservation & Biodiversity

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