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Anilao is ground zero for scuba diving in the Philippines. Most seasoned divers in the Philippines will tell you they took their Open Water Diver certification in Anilao.

It is also globally recognized as the birthplace of Bonfire Diving, and a mecca for Blackwater Diving. Anilao’s proximity to Verde Island Passage (VIP), the “Center of the World’s Marine Biodiversity,” is blessing it with lush reefs and a plethora of critters, making it one of the most preferred underwater photography destinations in the world.

Critter-Filled Muck Dives that include:

  • Hundreds of Nudibranch Species, including the Holy Grail, Melibe Colemani
  • Various Cephalopod Species
  • Various Crustacean Species
  • Various Fish Species, including gobies, frogfishes, and the sought-after Rhinopias sp.
  • Lush Coral Reefs

Bonfire & Blackwater Dives:

  • Blanket Octo
  • Long Arm Octo
  • Paper Nautilus
  • Diamond Squids
  • Ribbon Fish
  • Many other coastal and deep sea planktonic critters

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