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Gen San is famously called the Tuna City. However, this relatively recent addition to the Philippines dive circuit offers some of the most outstanding wall dives in the country.

Much of the diving may be done in Sarangani Bay, where the massive drop-off and its colorful fringing reef run for kilometers just off the beach.

These steep drop-offs are covered in corals and home to small schooling fishes, making it a lucrative wide-angle photography destination. Occasionally, whale shark encounters happen by the same walls, as well as Mameng (Humphead Wrasse) sightings in the deeper parts.

Wall Dives and Drop Offs with:

  • Coral Covers
  • Trigger Fish
  • Giant Clams
  • Snappers
  • Marine Turtles
  • Parrot Fish
  • Clown Fish
  • Butterfly Fishes
  • Moorish Idols
  • Whalesharks
  • Humphead Wrasse (Mameng)
  • Turtle

Shallow Muck Sites with plenty of macro critters

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