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For dive and underwater photograpjhy enthusiasts, Romblon is fast becoming synonymous with macro and super macro photography.

The coasts around Alad, Logbon, and the west coast of Romblon boast of over 30 dive sites, certainly paradise for for serious macro divers looking for elusive creatures in the sea.

Romblon is also site of Melibe Colemani, the holy grail of Nudibranches, first found in the Philippines, and a favorite hotspot for blackwater and bonfire diving.

Critter-Filled Muck Dives that include:

  • Nudibranchs (including the holy grail Melibe Colemani and several rare species of Butterfly Nudis)
  • Skeleton Shrimp
  • Mimic octopus
  • Tiger shrimp
  • Mandarin fish
  • Marble shrimps
  • Various Crustaceans
  • Pontoh’s Pygmy Seahorses

Bonfire & Blackwater Diving

  • Blanket Octopus
  • Long Arm Octopus
  • Paper Nautilus
  • Diamond Squids
  • Ribbon Fish
  • Many other coastal and deep sea planktonic critters

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